Our mission

We are a leader in the circular economy, making a real contribution to the well-being of society as a whole through digitally-enabled, European-comparable and user-friendly waste management.

Our vision: a world without waste

Creating a world without waste – we see all waste as raw materials. If we reuse or recycle this material in a smart way, we reduce the amount of new waste we create.

Our values

We act in accordance with our values of respect, cohesion and responsibility (“we are one”).

To meet each other with COMPASSION.

We meet with curiosity and interest and acknowledge our differences. When we meet, we watch our manners and tone and assume good intent. Recognise and value the results of (others’) work and performance.

Maintain EXCHANGE with each other

We actively network and make time for personal contact. In interaction, it is important to listen and ask questions. We ensure that knowledge and information is transferred and acquired in a targeted, timely and recipient-oriented way. We are open to change, we give impulses and develop ideas.

Taking RESPONSIBILITY together

We are keeping our agreements and commitments and delivering on our defined role. We are moving in a common direction and actively shaping the future with commitment and awareness of solutions. We are careful with our own and other people’s resources when actively supporting and caring for them.

The values of respect, exchange and accountability provide an equal framework and support for our cooperation. The behaviour of colleagues and managers becomes more predictable. Everyone can contribute to improving coexistence.

We operate in a sustainable manner and are committed to complying with legislation and regulation. We honour all our commitments and strive to improve our management systems.

Find out how we put our values into practice

no waste of ideas

no waste of resources

zero waste solutions


Successful transformation processes thrive on innovation. We test every idea that brings us closer to closed cycles - even at the risk of failure. This is the only way to create the disruptive change our linear economic system needs.

We support our clients in professionalising their sustainability practices and integrating sustainability into their reporting processes. To achieve this, we are fully exploiting the potential of digitising our services.

To extend the life of our products, we are opening new markets and expanding the business models we have developed to achieve annual sales growth.

To enable industry and commerce to use resources more efficiently than ever before, we are working with our customers to develop new design approaches for recycling.

From our point of view, the only sustainable use of resources is that which does not produce any waste. That's why every day we are looking for new ways to close cycles.

To save the planet from plastic waste in the long term, we develop new plastic recycling solutions every year. We are also increasing the quality and quantity of secondary raw materials we produce from plastic waste and offer to industry for further processing.

To limit global warming to below 2 degrees, global resource consumption must be decoupled from economic growth. To this end, we are closing new material and logistics cycles to save at least 5 million tonnes of raw materials and 800,000 tonnes ofCO2 every year.

To significantly reduce the per capita environmental impact of waste, especially in cities, we are fully committed to avoiding waste and significantly increasing material recycling rates.

Our employees and their skills are the core of our competence as an environmental service provider. To work optimally for our customers every day, a consistent commitment to their health, motivation and further development is needed.

We want to promote the physical and mental health of our employees and reduce our sickness, accident and turnover rates below the industry average. To do this, we create a safe, value-driven, innovative and development-enhancing work environment.

We want to make the full and effective participation of all - regardless of age, gender, background, religion or social status - a reality at all levels of decision-making. That's why we want to ensure that all (potential) employees have as many equal opportunities as possible in our company.

Developing a full circular economy requires that we share our experience and knowledge - not only with our customers, but in all areas of the economy and society. This is the only way to properly convey the ecological and economic benefits of effective recycling management.

We see our role as promoting sustainable lifestyles and consumption habits. As a facilitator, we ensure that knowledge about the circular economy is built in education, politics, business and society.

We want to develop cross-industry approaches and standards for circular economy solutions and scale them up (internationally). To achieve this, we work closely with our partners, stakeholders, suppliers and customers.

At the same time, we create the freedom for our employees to participate in relevant initiatives to develop circular economy solutions.


no waste of talent

no waste of knowledge

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