Closed and opened loops - raw material procurement and recycling

Through our strong sourcing and recycling network, we collect waste raw materials and source important recyclable materials to make them available to our customers as recycled raw materials.

We manage networks for all types of waste streams and can offer you access to valuable recycled raw materials for your production. In addition, we keep track of raw material quantities for you to ensure transparency of material flows.

From waste to secondary raw material

With our world-leading expertise in innovative waste treatment methods, we can help you recover a wide range of raw materials. This includes recycling and reusing your own products. We create the right network for you to source the raw materials you need and develop methods to tailor recycled plastics to your individual needs. In the future, the products will serve as a “natural buffer” for raw materials and will also provide strategic access to the raw materials needed in the long term.

With our technical waste management solutions, you can reduce the volume of your waste, optimise your workspace or sell it as secondary raw materials.

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Interzero buys recycled materials, processes them and supplies the industry with high-quality recycled raw materials for new products. We pay particular attention to the collection and proccesing of packaging waste, especially plastics, aluminium and metal cans, but we also recover valuable raw materials from materials such as paper and cardboard and strech folies.

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