Rent of equipment for collecting waste products

For efficient separate waste collection, we offer our business partners the possibility to rent containers tailored to the collection of each type of waste.

With the goal of reducing the volume of waste, we also offer a wide selection of presses and balers for rent and sale.

When choosing the right equipment and waste collection method, we try to adapt to the needs and requirements of each business partner.

Waste product collections and self-delivery


We make it easy for you to order waste material collection and schedule your own delivery via the web app or by emailing You can order collections for the following waste products via the app:

  • packaging waste (plastic, cardboard, glass, metal and composite packaging)
  • Waste electrical and electronic equipment
  • waste batteries and accumulators

We also take care of specific types of waste. We transport waste from all over Slovenia, which is generated during the entire production process, from raw material extraction, processing, treatment and handling to the transport of the final product to distributors. or retailers. For all waste delivered via Interzero, you will receive requiered documentation that confirms the delivery or waste acceptance.

Why choose Interzero as your partner for equipment rental and waste collection?

Collection of full containers

Easy ordering of collections

Rent and sales of waste reduction equipment

We can advise you on the right equipment

Contact our team for any questions about the offer!

Danica Novak

T +386 1 560 91 64