Solutions for all types of waste

Interzero also manages waste that is not covered by the four EPR systems- packaging waste, waste EE equipment, waste batteries and waste (graveyard) candles.

Archival destruction, expired products, construction waste are all wastes that are subject to special management rules, which means that only companies with the right permits can collect and further manage these wastes. Interzero works with an extended network of contractors who have all the necessary permits and provide solutions for all types of waste at various locations across Slovenia.

Hazardous waste

We offer solutions for the removal, collection and treatment of waste generated by the activities of large companies or by individual traders, such as:

  • car repair, auto body repair shops
  • photographic studios
  • printing offices
  • carpentry workshops
  • health facilities


Some examples of hazardous waste: waste paints, solvents, acids, emulsions, motor oils, absorbents, cleaning cloths, protective clothing, packaging contaminated with residues of hazardous substances, waste adhesives, photochemicals, paint developers, paints, coatings, thinners, infectious waste.

For each type of waste, we can provide you with waste labels, suitable collection containers and find you a good deal on waste management. You will receive a record sheet and a weighing slip when you collect your waste. We can also advise you on setting up a record of the waste you send out and on submitting your company’s annual waste report.

Non-hazardous waste

Destruction of archives

Interzero provides you with secure destruction of all types of archive documentation. As a company, you should be aware that destroying archive documentation is not the same as disposing of waste paper. Secure destruction means collection and transport under strictly controlled conditions from the generator to the site of destruction. Important documents are not shaken as they are collected in special locked containers, which are marked with security codes.

All data will be destroyed in accordance with ZVOP-1 and DIN 66399, and we will confirm this with an appropriate certificate of destruction.

Bulky and construction waste

Interzero offers solutions for companies and organisations that occasionally need bulky waste and construction material collection. Bulky waste includes large pieces of crockery; wooden, metal and plastic objects; mattresses, carpets, wooden and joinery furniture; metal objects (sinks, radiators, spinner stands, fittings, brackets, etc.); upholstered furniture (armchairs, two-seaters, etc.); sports equipment (bicycles, skis, windsurfing boards, etc.); sanitary equipment (washbasins, toilet bowls, bathtubs, shower cubicles, etc.); other bulky items (garden equipment, playground equipment, etc.). Construction waste includes old plasters, ceramic tiles, bricks, old flooring without insulation, washed slabs, inert material (a mixture of soil, stones, sand, clay).

Interzero provides individual solutions for the collection of bulky waste and construction waste generated by adaptations, renovations, relocations and other occasions, regardless of the quantity and location of the waste. We advise companies on how to properly prepare – sort – waste materials. Waste is collected in accordance with the legislation in force and with all the relevant documents (weighing slip, record sheet, etc.).

For existing and potential customers, we have a choice of 3 different package offers with options:

  • rental of a container for bulky/construction waste,
  • organising the collection and removal of the material to the landfill site,
  • a certificate that the waste has been properly collected.

Expired food and bio-waste

We offer importers, traders and other bio-waste generators one-off or periodic collections of waste when:

  • Expired foods
  • Biodegradable kitchen waste
  • Waste edible oils and fats


We provide you with all the necessary equipment for waste collection, arrange collection and collection, and provide all the documentation – record sheets, weighing slips and other certificates depending on the type of destruction. We also carry out waste destruction by special prior arrangement.

Why choose Interzero as your waste management partner?

We provide all the necessary equipment for removal

Easy ordering of collections

We provide all the documentation - records, weighing slips and other certificates

We organise waste collection and issue certificates of correct collection