Developing a waste management plan

The Waste Management Plan is explained in the Waste Regulation (OJ L 169, 30.12.2006, p. 1). 77/22. If your business generates more than 200 kg of hazardous waste or 150 tonnes of non-hazardous waste in a year, you must have a waste management plan.

Under the Waste Regulation, companies are obliged to draw up a plan for managing waste generated during the work process.

We work with you to analyse the waste management situation at your site. Each company is treated individually. Our strengths are professionalism, reliability and efficiency. Ensure that the measures are implemented and monitored. We also offer a service to renew your waste management plan in line with legislation.

The service includes:

Personal visit to the waste site, subject to a confirmed offer

Analysis of the existing situation, suggesting updates and advice prior to the preparation of the Waste Management Plan

Preparation of an integrated Waste Management Plan in line with the Waste Regulation and the EU Extended Producer Responsibility Directive.

References to and definitions of environmental legislation and compliance with required duties

Waste segregation by company, advice on labelling and classification

Statements of legal obligations and individual explanations of how to address environmental issues for the company


Added value when working with us:

Saving time of your employees

Compliance with waste legislation

Reduced costs through optimised waste management

Additional recycling and buying options

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