Interzero Slovenia's leadership: responsibility towards customers, employees and the environment.

Interzero's strong leadership team in Slovenia stands for sustainable decisions and strategy, responsible corporate governance and an open corporate culture.

“Interzero has been operating in Slovenia since 2004 and is the only independently audited waste products management company with research and development capabilities in Slovenia. We work closely with our business partners to develop new and sustainable solutions for zero waste, while providing them with quality services for efficient, timely and correct waste management and advice on optimising the preparation and transfer of waste products.

We are committed to conserving natural resources, preventing wasteful use of raw materials and consistently integrating waste raw materials into the circular economy cycle.”

-mag. Darja Figelj, Director

"Employee satisfaction, work enthusiasm, good communication and collaboration are key to the success of the company today and in the future. At Interzero Slovenia, we are aware of the importance of caring for the environment, ensuring responsible and sustainable operations and customer satisfaction. To this end, we are working with our suppliers to find sustainable and cost-effective solutions for the management of waste products throughout Slovenia."

-mag. Martin Ulke