Licensing system for SUP products

In October 2022, the SUP Regulation entered into force. Directive (EU) 2019/904 on reducing the environmental impact of certain plastic products, which imposes obligations on producers of single-use plastic products to reduce the environmental impact of this packaging.

The primary purpose of the SUP Regulation is to reduce the pollution of the environment by waste from these products and to ensure their rational design and use. The Regulation also obliges producers to raise consumer awareness about the use of alternative products and the environmental impacts of littering with SUP products. Awareness-raising should be carried out at least once a year, for example through appropriate publicity campaigns, etc.

At Interzero, as the holder of the licensing system for SUP products, we enable you to manage all the legal obligations set out in the Directive. By entering into a contract with us, we will be able to fulfil the obligations under the Extended Producer’s Responsibility (EPR) on your behalf.



who are the first to place “SUP” products on the Slovenian market.


SUP (Single Use Plastic) products are made partly or entirely of plastic, intended for single use and placed on the market in packaging or as a product.

  • food containers,
  • food wrappers and wrappings
  • beverage containers up to 3 litres (incl. caps and stoppers),
  • drinking cups (incl. lids and stoppers),
  • lightweight plastic carrier bags,
  • wet wipes,
  • balloons,
  • tobacco products with filters and filters for use in combination with tobacco products,
  • fishing gear containing plastic.

The primary objective of the “SUP Directive”is to reduce the environmental impact of certain plastic products.

The main measures on the basis of which the “SUP Directive” aims to achieve its objective are:

  • reducing consumption of SUP products
  • design requirements for SUP products
  • reporting on waste generated from SUP products to ensure better traceability
  • raising awareness among consumers and businesses
  • taking proportionate financial responsibility for littering (as a consequence of placing SUP products on the market)

What obligations do you have under the SUP Directive?

A producer who places single-use plastic products covered by the SUP Directive on the market of the Republic of Slovenia has the following obligations:

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If you would like to further educate yourself on the SUP Directive and how to comply with it, please watch the webinar we have prepared for you at the Interzero Academy or read the Directive, which you can find here.


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