Help with record-keeping

Interzero assists you in setting up a system to keep records of the products you place on the market as an obliged person.

As full capture of a large number of different products leads to a disproportionate amount of work and costs, we have worked with Interzero in Austria to develop a random sampling method that allows companies to calculate the weight of packaging placed on the market in a simplified way. In Austria, the method has been approved by the competent Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and the Environment.

The random sampling method assesses the total packaging placed on the market, based on a set number and schedule of random samples according to the inspection period (annual or quarterly). The random sampling method does not identify the exact quantities of packaging waste placed on the market in the Republic of Slovenia, as it is a statistical method. The random sampling method is carried out by Interzero.

We also offer to carry out the entire waste products activity, freeing you from work that is not related to your company’s operations (External Activity Management).

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