Meaning of waste product labels

Meaning of the labels on the packaging

The Mobius loop appears in various forms and means that a product or packaging can be recycled or indicates a product that is already made from recycled materials. Each link represents a part of the recycling chain: collecting, converting into a new product and buying the recycled product.

The circle symbol is used for packaging that is made partly or entirely of recycled material. The percentage is indicated in the code.

The arrows indicate that the product is intended for multiple uses, such as returnable bottles.

The sign indicates that the product must be disposed of separately. It occurs mainly on electrical and electronic equipment.

The sign reminds you to dispose of the packaging in a suitable place.

A Mobius loop with a number and an abbreviation indicates a specific type of packaging material. The codes and abbreviations are laid down by law in Decision 97/129/EC.

The European Union awards the EU Ecolabel to products that reduce negative environmental impacts, contribute to the efficient use of energy resources and a high level of environmental protection, and add value for the final consumer by virtue of their environmental credentials. The criteria for the award of the European Daisy were set by the European Commission in cooperation with various stakeholders.

Packaging that has been assessed by Interzero through advanced laboratory analysis as being good recyclable can be labelled "Made for Recycling".

Read more about assessing recyclability here.

The Check for Recycling label means that Interzero has used its software tool to check the packaging and mark it as good recyclable.

Read more about recyclability testing here.

Material Abbreviation Numbering
Polyethylene terephthalate PET 1
High-density polyethylene HDPE 2
Polyvinyl chloride PVC 3
Low-density polyethylene LDPE 4
Polypropylene PP 5
Polystyrene PS 6
Corrugated cardboard PAP 20
Uncoated cardboard PAP 21
Paper PAP 22
Steel FE 40
Aluminium ALU 41
Wood FOR 50
Cotton TEX 60
Colourless glass GL 70
Brown glass GL 72
Paper and cardboard/miscellaneous metals C/dominant material 80
Paper and cardboard/plastics C/dominant material 81
Paper and paperboard/aluminium C/dominant material 82
Paper and cardboard/plastic/aluminium C/dominant material 84

Meaning of labels on EE equipment and batteries

The crossed-out container symbol means that electronic devices and batteries must not be disposed of

as mixed municipal waste and collected separately.