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We manage extended producer responsibility in waste materials management systems and ensure that our clients comply with their legal waste management obligations and keep their records in order. At Interzero, we have many years of experience in raw materials management and expertise in resource management in production and waste recycling.

Interzero has the relevant permits and plans for its operations

Interzero has an environmental permit from the Ministry of the Environment of the Republic of Slovenia. Interzero has EPR schemes for the management of packaging waste, waste electrical and electronic equipment, waste batteries and accumulators, and waste graveyard candles registered with the Slovenian Environment Agency.


Interzero’s EPR system

Joining Interzero’s schemes allows you to fulfil your extended producer responsibility in the context of waste packaging, waste electrical and electronic equipment, waste batteries and accumulators and waste grave candles.

We provide a comprehensive service including waste collection, removal, sorting and recycling. Among other things, we can advise you on how you can reduce waste and increase its value, which in return means reducing costs and making savings.

Interzero’s General Terms and Conditions are available here.

Packaging waste management

Do you produce or import products where the packaging ends up as waste in households and businesses? In this case, Interzero’s packaging waste management system allows you to comply with all legal obligations governing packaging waste management. By transferring the responsibility for packaging waste management to Interzero, the amount of work and your worries in managing packaging waste is significantly reduced.

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Management of waste electrical and electronic equipment

Interzero offers you individual solutions for the management of waste electrical and electronic equipment. Comprehensive and systemic solutions bring you significant benefits. Complying with legal obligations through a specialist company means lower costs and significant time savings.

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OBA - Odpadne baterije in akumulatorji

Waste batteries and accumulators management

Interzero has set up a system for the collection, treatment and recycling of waste batteries and accumulators in Slovenia. By joining the EPR Waste Battery Management Plan, you can delegate all your obligations to Interzero.

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Handling waste grave candles

At Interzero, we are committed to an environmentally friendly and comprehensive process for the management of waste grave candles in Slovenia. We have set up a plan for EPR scheme for the management of waste candles, which involves obliged parties (producers and collectors of candles). By joining the plan for EPR, you delegate all regulatory obligations to Interzero.

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Do you manufacture or import products where the packaging ends up as waste in households or businesses and want to get involved in a packaging waste management system?

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