Management of waste electrical and electronic equipment

Interzero offers you individual solutions for the management of waste electrical and electronic equipment. Comprehensive and systemic solutions bring you significant benefits. Complying with legal obligations through a specialist company means lower costs and significant time savings.

Who is liable?


The person liable for the statutory management of WEEE is a legal person registered in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia who comes into contact with WEEE at any time during its lifetime.

What are the liable entity’s obligations?


  • implementing an individual or joint plan approach;
  • keeping records of WEEE placed on the market in the Republic of Slovenia;
  • registration in the WEEE producers register at the ARSO;
  • registering the activity with FURS;
  • transfer of WEEE management obligations to a common scheme;
  • reporting regularly on a half-yearly basis and settling obligations towards the operator of the common scheme
  • paying the environmental levy


  • free collection of household WEEE
  • appropriate labelling of products


  • Collection of waste EE equipment in suitable containers, separate from other types of waste
  • the correct handing over of waste EE equipment to an authorised carrier or collector

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Why choose Interzero as your waste collection partner?

Informing and raising end-users' awareness on the correct management of waste EE equipment

Recycling of collected waste EE equipment

Optimal and legally appropriate collection

Marking of traders' collection points

Collection of full containers

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