Waste grave candles management

At Interzero, we are committed to an environmentally friendly and comprehensive process for the management of waste grave candles in Slovenia. We have set up a licensing scheme for the management of waste candles, which involves obliged parties (producers and collectors of candles).
By joining the joint scheme, you delegate all regulatory obligations to Interzero.

Who is liable?

A legal entity registered in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia who places on the market annually at least one grave candle as:

  • Producer
  • Acquirer
  • Importer

What are the liable entity’s obligations?

  • keeping records of candles placed on the RS market
  • transfer of the obligation to handle waste candles to the common scheme
  • regularly reporting and settling obligations to the common scheme promoter
  • registering your activity with FURS
  • regularly reporting and settling obligations to the FURS

Why choose Interzero as your waste collection partner?

Collection of full containers

Optimal and legally compliant collection

Recycling of collected waste grave candles

Informing and raising end-users' awareness on the correct handling of waste candles

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