About us

We work in circular economy, waste prevention and conservation of natural resources.

Using our solutions for a zero-waste world, you can successfully create the circular economy of the future.

Closing the loop, creating added value: as one of the leading providers of comprehensive environmental services, we help our clients to prevent waste, secure raw materials and significantly improve their sustainability balance. The efficient circulation of raw materials in a closed loop offers huge opportunities – for our environment, our economy and our society. We are one of the pioneers of recycling, with more than 30 years of experience in developing and implementing practical solutions for waste prevention and recycling. We are currently setting new standards as an international provider of integrated environmental services – and together with our partners, we are accelerating the transformation towards a circular economy that conserves resources.

Since the first company was founded in 1991, the Interzero Group has provided customised integrated services to more than 50,000 business partners from all industry sectors, generating an annual turnover of around €1.05 billion. The Group employs 2,000 people across 40 locations incountries. Together, we focus on recycling know-how for a shared vision of a waste-free future.




Billions € annual turnover


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How we can help:

  • Tailor-made environmental solutions
  • Comprehensive portfolio of services
  • More than 30 years of industry experience
  • A tailor-made sustainability strategy
  • Innovative approaches to recycling
  • Awarded secondary raw materials

Our areas of activity

Zbliżenie na dwa stosy niebieskich plastikowych granulek polipropylenu na stole

Innovative recycling solutions

Raw materials obtained through recycling give companies the opportunity to rethink the process of making their products. They can reduce both costs and environmental impact. We organise the return and recycling of packaging and prepare raw materials in a market-oriented quality, in line with customer requirements.

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Your partner for waste management

Individual solutions deliver maximum success – including in the disposal and management of company waste. We design these through innovative approaches – sustainably, comprehensively and efficiently.

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Circular solutions, for closing material loops

We help customers take responsibility for their products and their impact on the environment – through tailored circular and reverse logistics systems, new business models and the optimal combination of our services and expert advice.

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Solutions for optimising workspaces

We provide efficient and effective waste and building management, in the form of tailor-made solutions. This helps our clients to further develop their properties in line with the circular economy.

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International solutions

To implement the circular economy nationwide, we work internationally, offering in-depth environmental advice and optimising waste disposal solutions.

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History - key milestones

1991: The Group is launched. The first company initially focused on improving the recycling of packaging waste. Interzero then began to expand its offering as a global provider of integrated environmental services, setting global standards in waste prevention, high-tech sorting and innovative recycling solutions.

1997: Interzero’s service business starts to expand to other countries with the establishment of an Austrian subsidiary and system operator – Interzero Austria GmbH. Further expansions to other European countries will take place in the coming years.

2000: With the Repasack solution, Interzero offers a unique pan-European system for the collection and recycling of paper bags. The company has become involved in environmental education with its award-winning Eco Dragon project, a project to collect empty printer cartridges in schools and kindergartens.

2005: Interzero launches a service for the collection of disposable beverage packaging waste. Today, we operate one mobile centre and ten stationary packaging counting centres.

2006: Interzero becomes the first company on the market to receive a state licence for recycling services under the German dual system. With the competitiveness created in the market, the company has managed to significantly increase the recycling rate of packaging waste.

2007: the year of RTE pooling: Interzero launches an innovative pooling solution for transit packaging.

2008: Interzero joins the ALBA Group, a recycling specialist and raw material supplier, adding the Group’s concentrated expertise to its offering.

2009: closed-loop recycling of plastics: Interzero develops Recycled-Resource, an award-winning process for recycling plastics.

2011: the Baumarkt paint bucket is the first product on the market made of Procyclen, a recycled plastic material developed by Interzero. The material used for the bucket is almost 100% made from plastic waste collected in various German recycling schemes.

2013: Interzero publishes its first Sustainability Report, which details how the company systematically designs both its processes and its projects for clients to be both ecologically and socially oriented. The report presents key changes and data from 2010 to 2012 and is in line with the internationally applicable Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines.

2015: Interzero increases its communication on sustainability and launches an annual sustainability magazine. The publication, edited by journalists, presents examples of best practice in sustainability within Interzero and with its customers.

2016: 25th Interzero celebration anniversary of its successful operation. Thanks to the trust of their domestic and international business partners, they have so far returned more than 15 million tonnes of used packaging to the raw material cycle, saving valuable primary resources. A new plastics recycling centre is opened in Maribor, Slovenia, and Encory, a company active in the reuse and recovery of automotive parts, is founded, in which the BMW and ALBA Groups each have a 50% stake.

2017: brandused.com online shop becomes active: used, refurbished IT equipment or new, unused technical products from company or warehouse sales are sold to end customers to give the equipment a second life cycle.

2018: the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT has now for 11th year demonstrated the positive effects of the recyclable materials chain in successive years. In addition, from 2018, companies can optimise the recyclability of packaging based on the new science-based “Made for Recycling” method. In addition, a joint venture between Interzero and Saubermacher AG, SIMPLi RETURN GmbH , was set up in 2018, the first system for the collection and recycling of lithium-ion batteries.

2019: In time for the entry into force of the German Packaging Act, 1. January 2019: Following the successful launch of the Lizenzero online packaging licensing shop in summer 2018, Dual System Interzero (DSI) is now available to packaging distributors of all sizes, with customised solutions.

Interzero is also expanding its service offering internationally and is present with its environmental services in Austria, Slovenia, Poland , Croatia, the Czech Republic and Italy.

2022: Interzero opens another environmental services company in Serbia.