One world. Zero waste. #MoveTheDate!

Earth Resource Overshoot Day is an unpleasant reminder that we are living far beyond our means. Calculations show that in 2023, this threshold has already been exceeded 2. August. This is the date by which humanity uses up all the natural resources our planet can provide in one year. Germany, for example, as an industrialised country, reached this grim milestone even earlier, on 4. May!

At Interzero, we are not prepared to watch the world continue to exploit its resources. On the contrary, we are working to create a world without waste, where we can use the resources at our disposal in a sustainable and responsible way. Our “zero waste solutions” actively contribute to climate action every day and help ensure security of supply for future generations. Together with our employees, customers and partners, we are working hard to push back the day of Earth’s resource surplus one step at a time.

“We are proud that we are returning significantly more to our customers and partners than we spend. The seven minutes and 16 seconds of incremental savings are a starting point and an incentive for us to continue to expand our activities.”
Sebastiaan Krol
Managing Director, Interzero Circular Solutions


Join our movement and reduce your ecological footprint, because climate action is a team sport.

As a company, you can improve your sustainability performance, resilience, long-term profit opportunities and reputation by choosing sustainable closed-loop materials management. As an individual, you can make a small but important contribution every day to ensure that our planet continues to have enough air to breathe.