Waste management plan (WMP) is explained in the Waste Ordinance, OJ RS No. 77/22. If your business generates more than 200 kg of hazardous waste, 150 tonnes of non-hazardous waste or is the generator of waste oils from its activities in any one year, regardless of the amount of waste oils, you must have a waste management plan.

The new Regulation, which entered into force on 14. The Waste Management Plan (WMP), adopted on 1 June 2022, sets out changes to the content of the WMP compared to the previous legislation. The Regulation requires companies to comply with the EU rules within one year, i.e. by 14 June 2023, adapt the content of the existing waste management plan. In addition to the environmental legislation, waste producers need to be familiar with the operational programmes in the field of waste management and keep up to date with new developments in the treatment of different types of waste in order to draw up a waste management plan.

But when does an WMP need to be amended or supplemented? In accordance with the provisions of the Regulation, this must be done whenever a decision is taken to change the management of waste, in terms of the type or quantity of waste generated, the temporary storage of waste and the separate collection of waste, in accordance with Article 18(1) of Regulation (EC) No 1892/2002. Article 2 of that Regulation. Interzero can advise or help you develop a waste management plan , based on our many years of international experience in waste management . You can find out more about our servicehere.